Wisdom Of Finance


How to Be Your Own Financial Planner In 10 Steps by Manish Chauhan is a book for all those people who wish to properly plan their financial domain. The author does not insert complicated financial concepts, as he the book aims are common man. The language is simple and the concepts are legitimately explained.
Category: Investment, Tips

The book caters to the need of one being a financial consultant of his/her own finances. The book concentrates on ten most critical aspects of finance, namely life insurance policies, health insurance, estate planning, short term/long term goal planning, debt repayment, start your retirement planning, emergency fund planning, how to be ready for your future, organize your financial life, credit report and cleaning up other investments. The book explains how one should take health insurance before the age of forty five. The book illustrates key concepts that we ignore like our credit scores and how it affects our chances of getting a loan at a reasonable rate. We should try to eliminate the debts for which we are paying a high interest rate.

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